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Military Time Format

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This WiKi entry is based on a recent question asked at MSDN forum Custom String Format

In order to create a time string using military format in T-SQL we can use two T-SQL functions DatePart and DateName and also a well known technique of padding value to left using RIGHT function.

  1. declare @d datetime = getdate()
  2. --ddHHmmMMMyy.toUpper (military format).
  3. --That is two digit day, two digit hour, two digit minute, three letter month, two digit year, and month is uppercase.
  4. select Right('00' + cast(DATEPART(day,@d) as varchar(2)),2) +
  5. Right('00' + cast(DATEPART(hour,@d) as varchar(2)),2) +
  6. Right('00' + cast(DATEPART(minute,@d) as varchar(2)),2) +
  7. upper(left(DATENAME(month,@d),3)) + RIGHT(cast(DATEPART(year,@d) as varchar(4)),2)

Contributed by: --Naomi 21:41, 14 April 2010 (GMT)

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