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Second major hierarchy  
Second major hierarchy <br><br>

Latest revision as of 18:41, 2 November 2011

Here is a list of some of the common Linux/UNIX directories, described is what is contained in them.

Essential commands and programs for all users

Most of the files needed to boot the system

Device files such as disk drives, CD-ROM and printers

Administrative, configuration, and other system files

Configuration files for individual users

Machine–local configuration for the X Window System

User home directories

Shared libraries and kernel modules

Mount point for temporary mounting of filesystems

Add-on application packages

Kernel and process information virtual file system

Home directory for root

Essential system binaries

Temporary files

Second major hierarchy

Most user commands that are less essential than those in /bin

Changeable data Files with contents that vary as the system runs

--SQLDenis 18:31, 2 November 2011 (GMT)

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