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SQL Server Quirks - sp rename

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I've recently run into one of those fun little "quirks" in SQL Server that makes it oh so fun. I recently made some modifications to primary keys in one of my databases, so I had to go through a list of views that included the altered tables and rewrite them. I noticed that some of the views had a different name when I scripted them out than they did in the object browser.

I ran a few checks to make sure I was in fact looking at the right view, and proceeded to change them, but I was still curious as to why this would happen. Discussing this with a friend, he pointed this out to me from BOL:

Important : After renaming stored procedures and views, flush the procedure cache to ensure all dependent stored procedures and views are recompiled.

Stored procedures and views can be dropped and re-created quickly because neither object stores data. For best results renaming textual objects, drop and re-create the object by its new name.

So I guess I have never run into this problem, because I always drop and recreate when I need to change the name of a view or stored procedure. But still, the problem is out there. If you don't want to take my word for it, run this query:

  1. --create a test proc
  2. Create Proc test_rename As Select 1
  3. go
  4. --rename it
  5. sp_rename 'test_rename', 'test_rename_modified', 'OBJECT'
  6. go
  7. --examine Routine Definition for new proc name (it still lists as old proc name)
  8. Select Routine_Definition From Information_Schema.Routines Where Specific_Name = 'test_rename_modified'
  9. go
  10. --drop the test proc
  11. Drop Proc test_rename_modified

You can also replace "Proc" with "View", and change the system view you're querying, and see similar results:

  1. --create a sample view
  2. Create view test_rename As Select 1 as T
  3. go
  4. --rename the view
  5. sp_rename 'test_rename', 'test_rename_modified', 'OBJECT'
  6. go
  7. --check the View Definition for new view name (it still lists the old view name)
  8. Select View_Definition From Information_Schema.Views Where TABLE_NAME = 'test_rename_modified'
  9. go
  10. --drop sample view
  11. Drop view test_rename_modified

To avoid the confusion I experienced, it would probably be a good idea to get into the habit of renaming your views and procs by dropping and recreating, rather than using sp_rename.

--AlexCuse 15:42, 31 January 2008 (GMT)

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