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Getting the amount of free space for each drive with T-SQL

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Sometimes you want to quickly see how much free space each drive has on your SQL Server machine. You can of course use RDP/Terminal Services to logon to the machine and take a look. But there is an easier way, you can do it with T-SQL.

SQL Server ships with an undocumented stored procedure that will give you the free space for each drive on your machine. The name of this stored procedure is xp_fixeddrives. This stored procedures doesn't require any parameters and it will list all drives and how much free space in megabytes each drive has.

Run the following code on your machine

  1. exec master..xp_fixeddrives

Here is the output from that query for me

drive MB free
----- -----------
C     2128
D     28921
L     85459
M     5896
T     86068
U     145048
V     248584

As you can see I still have plenty of space left on the V drive.

Contributed by: --SQLDenis 17:09, 16 April 2010 (GMT)

Part of SQL Server Admin Hacks

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