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Crosstabs, forms and updating

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I have several times seen questions about displaying row data as columns in a form, generally because the user wishes to present a week's worth of data. You can write the data into a grid and then update any edits back to the table, but it is fiddly and annoying, especially when a crosstab may get you the data just the way you want it.

It is quite possible to display a crosstab in a form, but clearly, you cannot edit the data, however, here is a simple workaround. You will need:

A table


A crosstab query based on the table


A form



A subform for the crosstab query


As you can see, the Source Object for the subform control is set to Query followed by the name of the crosstab query:


That is all you have to do, the query will be displayed, and you can now refer to it as a form.

A textbox

The textbox is illustrated in the above image and the control source is set to:


This refers to the first column of the crosstab control and you will see the contents change as you move from row to row,

A subform for the data


In order to edit the data, we need to extract the whole group, "b" in this case, and this can be done by using the textbox as the link master field and the field (column) name for the group as the link child field, as illustrated in the image above.


If you want to update the crosstab as you go, you will need a little code.

  1. Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
  2. Forms.Form1.TheXTab.SourceObject = "Query.Query1"
  3. End Sub

The code should be attached to the form contained by TheSubform control, in this example it is called Table1_Form, as can be seen in the image above. It does seem like overkill to reassign the source object, but this is the only way I could find to efficiently update the crosstab.

When data in TheSubform is updated, the crosstab is updated, and when a line in the crosstab is selected, the data for that line is displayed.

I am not sure how much use this is, but it is quite good fun.

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