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Comparing Words: Levenshtein Distance

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Here is a method of comparing words, see also Soundex

   Sub Test()
       Debug.Print LevenshteinDistance("kitten", "sitting")
       Debug.Print LevenshteinDistance("saturday", "sunday")
       Debug.Print LevenshteinDistance("mite", "kite")
   End Sub
   Function LevenshteinDistance(word1, word2)
   Dim s As Variant
   Dim t As Variant
   Dim d As Variant
   Dim m, n
   Dim i, j, k
   Dim a(2), r
   Dim cost
       m = Len(word1)
       n = Len(word2)
       'This is the only way to use
       'variables to dimension an array
       ReDim s(m)
       ReDim t(n)
       ReDim d(m, n)
       For i = 1 To m
           s(i) = Mid(word1, i, 1)
       For i = 1 To n
           t(i) = Mid(word2, i, 1)
       For i = 0 To m
           d(i, 0) = i
       For j = 0 To n
           d(0, j) = j
       For i = 1 To m
           For j = 1 To n
               If s(i) = t(j) Then
                   cost = 0
                   cost = 1
               End If
               a(0) = d(i - 1, j) + 1             '  // deletion
               a(1) = d(i, j - 1) + 1             '  // insertion
               a(2) = d(i - 1, j - 1) + cost      '  // substitution
               r = a(0)
               For k = 1 To UBound(a)
                   If a(k) < r Then r = a(k)
               d(i, j) = r
       LevenshteinDistance = d(m, n)
   End Function

Further information

Levenshtein distance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levenshtein_distance

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