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Column To Row (UNPIVOT)

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Row to column is a much more frequent request than column to row. SQL Server 2005 introduced UNPIVOT to help you accomplish this task. Before SQL Server 2005 the only way was to write a bunch of unioned select statements

Let's take a look at how this all works. create this table and the data

  1. CREATE TABLE #SomeTable
  2. (SomeID INT,Scarface INT,LOTR INT,Jaws INT,Blade INT,Saw INT)
  5. INSERT INTO #SomeTable VALUES (1,2,5,2,5,6)
  6. INSERT INTO #SomeTable VALUES (2,4,6,12,5,0)

This is what we have now

SomeID Scarface LOTR Jaws Saw Blade
1 2 5 2 5 6
2 4 6 12 5 0

The output we need is this

1 Blade 5
2 Blade 5
1 Jaws 2
2 Jaws 12
1 LOTR 5
2 LOTR 6
1 Saw 6
2 Saw 2
1 ScarFace 2
2 ScarFace 4

SQL 2000 version by using union

  1. SELECT SomeID,'ScarFace' AS Movie,ScarFace AS Quantity
  2. FROM #SomeTable
  4. SELECT SomeID,'LOTR' AS Movie,LOTR AS Quantity
  5. FROM #SomeTable
  7. SELECT SomeID,'Jaws' AS Movie,Jaws AS Quantity
  8. FROM #SomeTable
  10. SELECT SomeID,'Blade' AS Movie,Blade AS Quantity
  11. FROM #SomeTable
  13. SELECT SomeID,'Saw' AS Movie,Saw AS Quantity
  14. FROM #SomeTable
  15. ORDER BY Movie,SomeID

SQL 2005/2008 version by using UNPIVOT

  1. SELECT SomeID, Movie, Quantity
  2. FROM
  3. (SELECT SomeID, Scarface, LOTR, Jaws, Saw,Blade
  4.  FROM #SomeTable) t
  6. (Quantity FOR Movie IN
  7.     (Scarface, LOTR, Jaws, Saw,Blade)
  8. ) AS u
  9. ORDER BY Movie,SomeID

Here you can really see that you save a lot of code by using UNPIVOT over UNION

Contributed by: --SQLDenis 02:24, 31 May 2008 (GMT)

Part of SQL Server Programming Hacks

Section Sorting, Limiting Ranking, Transposing and Pivoting

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