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This is a collection of ASP.NET hacks (i.e. tips and tricks) and includes some useful to know things about ASP.NET development.

We will split them up into the following categories:


  * ASP.NET: Allow your application to be extended
  * ASP.NET: Environment Details
  * ASP.NET: Encrypt your applications settings
  * ASP.NET: Launch an external application
  * ASP.NET: Display Version Information


  * ASP.NET: Clear all Cached objects
  * ASP.NET: Data Caching


  * ASP.NET: Access Master Page controls from the Content Page
  * ASP.NET: Maintain an entered password in a TextBox
  * ASP.NET: Apply a Please Wait message to a Button
  * ASP.NET: Clear all TextBox values
  * ASP.NET: Creating an accessible label
  * ASP.NET: Add dynamic controls with events
  * ASP.NET: Get a list of all selected items in a CheckBoxList
  * ASP.NET: Find which control caused a postback
  * ASP.NET: Limit selections for the Calendar
  * ASP.NET: Add a confirmation popup to a Button
  * ASP.NET: Insert a ListItem into a DropDownList
  * ASP.NET: Add paging to a repeater
  * ASP.NET: Append client side functions with Attributes.Add
  * ASP.NET: Add a total row to a GridView
  * ASP.NET: How to export a GridView to Excel
  * ASP.NET: Render a control to a string
  * ASP.NET: Append thead and tbody tags to a GridView


  * ASP.NET: How to set cookies as httponly


  * ASP.NET: Convert a DataSet to a DataView
  * ASP.NET: Extract data from a SQLDataSource to a DataTable
  * ASP.NET: Insert data into SQL Server
  * ASP.NET: Loop through data in a DataTable
  * ASP.NET: Loop through data using a DataReader
  * ASP.NET: Storing connection strings in the web.config file


  * ASP.NET: Calculate a person's age from their date of birth
  * ASP.NET: Calculate the difference between two dates
  * ASP.NET: Simple date and time methods


  * ASP.NET: Enabling page tracing
  * ASP.NET: Simple debugging tips


  * ASP.NET: Send an email


  * ASP.NET: Encrypt a string using MD5


  * ASP.NET: Files and Path information
  * ASP.NET: Rename a directory
  * ASP.NET: Reference files with relative paths
  * ASP.NET: Read and display a text file


  * ASP.NET: How to crop an Image
  * ASP.NET: How to save a remote image
  * ASP.NET: Drawing images and bar charts with System.Drawing


  * ASP.NET: Register a javascript function

Objects and Classes

  * ASP.NET: Accessing the Response object in a Class
  * ASP.NET: Defining Imports
  * ASP.NET: An introduction to classes and properties
  * ASP.NET: Looping using an Enumerator
  * ASP.NET: Use Response.Filter to intercept your HTML
  * ASP.NET: Use C Sharp and VB.NET in the same project
  * ASP.NET: Using Generics to create a property list


  * ASP.NET: Change the current Master Page
  * ASP.NET: Nested Master Pages
  * ASP.NET: Set the default Button on a page
  * ASP.NET: Set the default focus of a page


  * ASP.NET: List the Windows Groups the user belongs to


  * ASP.NET: Redirect the page when the session ends
  * ASP.NET: Storing ViewState on the server


  * ASP.NET: Filter words
  * ASP.NET: Remove the last character from a string
  * ASP.NET: Reverse a string
  * ASP.NET: String Concatenation
  * ASP.NET: Strip HTML tags from a string
  * ASP.NET: Truncate a string to a set number of whole words


  * ASP.NET: Using Page.IsValid

Visual Studio

  * ASP.NET: Changing the default browser
  * ASP.NET: Keyboard Shortcuts
  * ASP.NET: Using a task list


  * ASP.NET: Access the web via a proxy server
  * ASP.NET: Convert HTML tables to a DataSet
  * ASP.NET: Retrieve data from a web page
  * ASP.NET: Create an RSS Feed
  * ASP.NET: Custom Error Pages
  * ASP.NET: Find out where a visitor came from
  * ASP.NET: Using an AppOffline.htm file for updates
  * ASP.NET: XHTML Strict Validation

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